Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | August 11, 2008

We’re here!

Attention Tokyo: The Whites have landed. And they love your city.

So far, we have had an absolutely wonderful time in Tokyo. Despite the long flight and sometimes-oppressive heat and humidity, we have already settled in quite comfortably and have enjoyed some delicious food with new friends.

We do have to mention that last week was also wonderful. Brad’s parents came out from Denver, and along with Rachael’s folks and Rebecca, we spent a lot of time together in preparation for the big move. We had bonfires, delicious meals, packed and repacked, and Rebecca even got a three-song dedication send-off for us on the “Morning Show” on Minnesota Public Radio, with our favorite radio personalities, Dave Connelly and Jim Ed Poole! Thanks moms, dads and Rebecca.

The city is buzzing. Literally. There are millions of cicadas and other bugs in the trees, but so far none have bothered us with anything but sound. There always seems to be activity going on, but the city is surprisingly quiet and pleasant.

Today, we spent time touring apartments with some amiable Japanese real estate agents, one of which starred in the all-too-famous Budweiser commercial series of “wasuuuuuuup,” except that he did the “konichiwaaaaaaaa” commercial. Needless to say, Brad was pretty excited about this fact. Check out this link: (he’s the one on the couch).

In an incredible stroke of divine intervention, we signed a contract for our new home today- we were the only teachers to find anything suitable, and we LOVE this home. It is about a five-minute walk from the school, which is unbelievable, considering that many of our fellow teachers are paying more money for less square footage, and living further from the area where the school is located. We have a two-bedroom place with a nice, open kitchen, three balconies, and our own personal rooftop terrace, since we’re on the top (4th) floor of the building. It is nicely maintained below with beautiful plants and flowers inside the entrance gates and walls, and in a green, quieter, residential area of Tokyo.

Tonight, we went to Shibuya, the “Times Square” of Tokyo. We can surely say that we have NEVER seen so many people cross one intersection at one time or been blinded by so many neon signs, LCD screens, and cell phones. Also, with thousands of people crossing one street, another person didn’t touch us in crossing. The politeness of the Japanese is simply amazing. After seeing some of the sights and shops, we stopped in at a quaint sushi joint by following a narrow stairway to the second floor of a building in Shibuya. There, we enjoyed between 10-15 tapas-size plates of a variety of sushi, teriyaki meat skewers, spicy kimchi, savory noodle dishes, and a couple drinks with our new friends from St. Mary’s International School (SMIS).

This morning began with a breakfast of lattes and orange-glazed rolls at a local French bakery, and we look forward to something similar tomorrow. For now, we’ll sign off. Keep in touch and send any questions you have our way!

Brad & Rachael



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