Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | August 15, 2008

This and that.

Tokyo’s subtle oddities are countless and mostly enjoyable. Here is a short compilation of the things we have noticed, experienced and learned so far.

1. Sweat happens. Today, the heat index was 102 degrees. Tips: buy an umbrella to shield you from the sun and/or a fan to at least give the illusion of cooler air by simply making it move.

2. Don’t talk on your phone- text instead.

3. When you arrive at a small restaurant, don’t let the crowded first impression fool you. They will find room for you.

4. There are bugs- big ones.

5. Brad has already learned at least thirty useful phrases and basic words. Rachael has learned two. She will work on that.

6. We remember the phrase “Toi re wa do ko des ka” (Where is the toilet?) by singing it to the tune of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road,” and ending with an enthusiastic “Hai!” Good times.

7. The subways are intimidating but surprisingly easy to use. Just pay attention to the signs and remember which stops the express train skips (we forgot about this today and missed our stop…a 20-minute mistake).

8. “Crocs” are very popular. And they come in many shapes and sizes that are not found in the States.

9. Sometimes your dinner table will consist of a small table and cushions on the floor. When you sit at these tables you have to remove your shoes.

10. There are authentic Italian restaurants with decent pizza- who knew?

This list will surely grow in the coming days, weeks, and months. Stay tuned!



  1. Rachaelおよびブラッドリー。 あなたのブログを読み、日本についての新しい事を学ぶことは非常に興味深い。 私は日本およびenjoynigのあなたの新しい生命を見ることある寿司を楽しみにしている。 愛、お父さん

    Rachael and Bradley. It is very interesting to read your blog and learn new things about Japan. I look forward to seeing your new life in Japan and enjoying some sushi. Love, Dad

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