Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | August 31, 2008


We have finally begun unpacking our suitcases now that we’ve moved into our cozy, new home. In the process, Brad found these notes scattered throughout his baggage:

Although things are wonderful here, it is definitely hard to be away from our families sometimes, and the Skype/iChat conversations and little surprises like this make everything much easier to manage. Thanks “Maaa.” We love you too.

P.S. We’ve been praying a great deal for both of our mothers’ health these days, and God has made some amazing things happen lately, but we still pray for health, healing, and happiness. Feel free to join with us in lifting up these two women that we love so much. 🙂



  1. Bradley,
    Glad you liked the notes. It seems like yesterday I was packing your lunch box for school and put in notes like that for you to find. It was difficult watching you go off to elementary school, then middle school, then the big high school and then college…now that was hard. I guess we did our job as parents so you could fly on your own – at least you now have a beautiful wife to fly with you!
    Thanks for flying by Brad’s side.
    Love you both,

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