Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | September 18, 2008


You might recognize that name from a previous blog, the one where we found our new church, Tokyo Union Church. Or, it might look like every other strange-sounding Japanese word we blog about. Well, we forgot to tell about the rest of our fun day in Omotesando after getting excited about the church. Although we certainly couldn’t afford anything we saw that day, we toured around this high-class fashion district to see the latest and enjoy a Saturday afternoon.

First, we went in Omotesando Hills, the ritziest shopping center we’ve ever been in. Gucci, Armani, Uggs, Rolex/Tag Hauer, Zara, Chanel, and a host of other fashion iconic shops inhabit this popular spot. It was fun to people-watch and ogle at the newest trends. Here are some photos, I think we blend right in. I can just see Rachael on the red carpet under all those crystals.

Then we walked around the streets of Omotesando, until we found Brad’s new mothership of clothing stores, the Chicago Thrift Store.

Here are a few gems we found inside the store. Needless to say, after finding such a sweet Colorado shirt, Brad will be returning soon for more goodies. And Rachael did get that plaid hat…and wears it quite well. We passed on the sweet Twins stocking cap, but you can just begin to see how cool this store is just from that hat alone.



  1. is that a theft protector thing on that stocking cap? Why the heck would anyone steal that!:)

  2. I LIKE HATS! 🙂

    (Dad would like that twins hat, for sure)

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