Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | November 17, 2008

Oh Mt. Fuji, how we love you.

I had to go to school a bit early this morning to get some materials ready for a sweet new science experiment for the boys (syringe rockets…oh yeah), and got an excited call from Rachael a few minutes before school.

“Did you see that?!!!!”

“See what?”

“Mt. Fuji! It’s perfectly clear out this morning and now it’s all covered in snow. It looks like one of those classic pictures of Fuji where it’s all huge, and white, and towering over the other mountains.”

“Crap, I biked today.” (different route than walking)

Sadly enough, I missed this wonderful sight, but at least Rachael got to see it. Hopefully Fuji-san will come back to visit sometime. I swear the mountain intentionally hides 3/4 of the year. That way, for the brief and infrequent times that we can see far enough to lay our eyes on it, we’re absolutely blown away by its size and beauty.

We look for Fuji every morning on our walk to school, and sometimes, when we’re lucky, we get a peek of this incredible sight that so perfectly represents the natural beauty and grandeur of this island nation.

Apparently today was one of those days…at least for Rachael.

(Earlier this year, during one of those walks to school when Fuji came out to play.)

Fuji Info



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