Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | November 19, 2008


Last night, Brad and I decided it was time that we would try our best to find and make an authentic Japanese seafood dish. There are many varieties of fresh seafood here that are quite cheap, so we had a lot to work with. I searched for some recipes and found one for Calamari Stew that sounded good on a cold night. So, Brad and I went on a search for the perfect squid!

Near our apartment, there is a narrow street lined with small fish markets, a meat market, and various vegetable stands. The first fish market we stopped at had two perfect squid (“ika” in Japanese)- the last two they had to sell that night. Since the fish is fresh from the morning catch, when they are “out,” they’re out). It was strange when I saw the squid’s little black eyes looking up at me… yeah. See for yourself.

We brought the squid home and looked up how to clean them online. It seemed simple enough, until I tried to pull the head off the squid. Yuck. Brad did that. After removing the head, beak, and insides, we sliced the squid into thin pieces. The stew turned out to be really delicious, but I think next time we will ask the fish monger to clean the squid for us!



  1. I really like the video of Rachael where she says “I can’t to it!” That’s a keeper!

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