Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | November 26, 2008


The most striking thing about this week is actually its utter un…striking…ness.

Is it weird that life in Tokyo, Japan is starting to actually feel, well, normal? We are far from “home” and things are still quite different from most of what we’ve experienced the last 20-some years, but yes, things are settling in and feeling pretty normal.

We check for Fuji on a daily basis. Sometimes we see it, sometimes we don’t.

We are now used to walking, riding our bikes, or riding trains everywhere we need to go. We’ve only taken one taxi, when it was called for us by our principal when we first arrived. You should see my thighs. ha!

We’ve adjusted to the cost of food, and now know if something IS actually too expensive, or if it’s just Tokyo-expensive.

We have finally put some finishing touches on our apartment. You know, curtains covering all the windows so we’re now able to walk around our own home in our underwear. Amen to that. Also, we completed our dining room table set. It’s comprised of a heated floor mat (similar to an electric blanket, but like a rug), a new, super-soft rug, six “floor pillows” for seats, and a beautiful wood table (about two feet tall).

This Saturday, we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving at the Whites’, with over a dozen of our fellow teachers from St. Mary’s. Rachael and I have managed to scout out nearly all of the ingredients necessary for a “perfect” Thanksgiving feast. Am I nervous for Rachael to pull off all the delicious delicacies that she has planned? No way. Am I nervous for my first stab at cooking a Thanksgiving turkey? Oh yeah. Please pray for me, as I attempt to brine, prep, cook and carve these 26 pounds of birdie goodness.

Yes, life seems normal. So normal, in fact, that we’re going to press pause on the whole thing and come home to visit for a couple weeks for the Holidays. We’ll see all of our family, the Cahills and the Whites, and spend some much-missed time with friends in the Twin Cities.



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