Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | January 13, 2009

Read My Mind

Last year, Rebecca (Rachael’s sister), fell in love with a quirky music video from an American rock band called The Killers. The video was filmed in Tokyo, and according to the band, it has “nothing to do with the song itself.” However, the band also says that the song, “Read My Mind,” is the “best song we’ve ever written.”

After seeing it, Rebecca mentioned something about how we should try to find some of the places shown in the video while we were here in Tokyo. Instead, we put together a little re-enactment ourselves. “Ourselves” was made up of six fantastic teachers and one loving wife who put on costumes and took a few days to help me with the project so we could give the finished video to Rebecca for Christmas. Well, it turned out pretty well and Rebecca seemed pretty happy about the whole thing. Now judge for yourself.

First, watch the following video, the original from The Killers:

Then, watch our re-make. All scenes were shot in our homes or the streets of our neighborhood of Setagaya. Obviously, we had way too much fun making this. A HUGE thank you to Kodama-san, Danny, Brendan, Triston, Steve, Jeff, and Rachael.



  1. Oh my gosh you guys- that is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! You are so creative! Lol!
    Rachel F.

  2. That’s hysterical! You guys rock. Thanks for some fun today.

  3. This was lots of fun to watch – thanks for our Saturday night entertainment! Very funny… 🙂 It shows that you had a lot of laughs. And your ‘Elvis’ was brilliant!

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