Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | March 30, 2009

A brief Tokyo update

As if four days of moving into a new school building and traversing the country of Thailand weren’t enough, we just found out that our application for moving into a new apartment was approved this week.


This move has several implications for our life here in Japan. First of all, we’ll be leaving our first home in Tokyo, one which we both loathe and adore. This tiny series of rooms is where we had our first Thanksgiving abroad, learned about proper Tokyo garbage procedures, studied our first Japanese phrases, and stored our first set of decent chopsticks. Most of these things will move with us, but you always leave something behind when you move.

We decided to look for a new place for many reasons, but mostly because we desperately miss our furry bundle-o-fun, Callie. We had to leave her behind, and that’s turning out to be just a little too difficult, especially since so many people have dogs here. Even this week, we got a report from Brad’s mom in Colorado that the little snow-loving Wheaten Terrier has been running around nearly non-stop in the two feet of fresh snow that recently fell on the Denver area.

We’ve begun the long process of updating shots and completing the proper paperwork that will allow her to fly to Tokyo next fall. So, pretty soon our pup will join us in our travels around the globe.

We are moving away from several things: some very nosy neighbors (see these links to old blogs about our experiences with “Terry the Tiger”), an old, musty building frequently shaken by our close proximity to the train tracks, pink floral wallpaper we wouldn’t put up if you paid us to, and low ceilings which have caused more pain and frustration than Brad wants to remember.

The new apartment named “Riverside Waco,” is as the name suggests, near the river. We have miles of bike trails, open space, barbeque pits, reading and ultimate frisbee spaces just waiting to be used. See these views from our balcony:

Also, look at the excitement on Rachael’s face thanks to not one, not two, but three closets (compared to only one now):

Since it was built only 12 years ago, the building feels much newer, cleaner, and even safer than our current building (earthquake-wise), which is about 40 years old. The price is right since we’re moving across the river and away from one of the more expensive suburban parts of Tokyo (Setagaya-ku). At first, we’ll use the savings to get Bradley-san a new bicycle for the 20 minute commute across the river and up the hill. Later, the savings will help with the added costs of having Callie here in Japan.

The timing of our move to a new school building and a new apartment is perfect since we were able to bring home 50 free moving boxes and are already in the “packing mode.” So, when you come to visit, we’ll have a nice, new tatami floor and futon waiting for you at Riverside Waco.



  1. Sounds like a great deal! Hopefully Riverside Waco is close to the riverside and not close to Waco at all. I also like what looks like big meat hooks right outside your front door…

  2. Ha. Yeah, I’m definitely glad it’s heavy on the Riverside and light on the Waco. We were just in Waco a month ago (that’s weird)…

    As for the meat hooks, those will eventually hold our laundry line/pole thing. But until then, I guess they’ll work just fine in case we need some huge meat hooks. Maybe we can start training like Rocky Balboa did in that meat factory.

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