Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | May 29, 2009

More Signs

Here are some more interesting signs from Tokyo and Kyoto:

You guessed it, a politician.
Apparently the hoodlums of our neighborhood give him a ‘thumbs up.”
The canal by our apartment has maybe 100 massive carp in it.
I think this sign refers to them.
Our street sign: City, neighborhood, and subdivision.

This strung out construction worker clearly doesn’t want you to enter his construction zone.
You heard them. No scribbling.

I felt like Robert Langdon in The Davinci Code trying to decipher this one. It took us almost 15 minutes to figure out what this beverage machine message was trying to tell us. As far as we understood, they did not want you to bring a drink into the Nijo-jo Castle (do not see ‘it‘ while drinking drink).

The sentence about “The PET bottle caps it” is a bit of a mystery, but we think they just want you to cap your drink and carry it in your bag.

I have no clue whatsoever as to what the last sentence about the chief means. Awesome sign.

Tako-yaki, or octopus balls. They’re not what you might be thinking, but rather some sort of fritter with dough, cheese and octopus all pan-fried to perfection.
I think Kat’s expressions tell enough of the story of this sign
(no idea what it’s for though).
Seriously, what on earth?

The McDonald’s 100 yen menu, like our dollar menu.

Rachael was pretty excited about the four letter word on these signs.



  1. Hahahah the drinking sign is hilarious! Thank you babel fish dot com for that one, huh?

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