Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | August 27, 2009


Interesting article in the Japan Times about trash in Japan:

Rachael's pure Japanese joy

That photo about sums up how Rachael feels about trash in Tokyo…

Although it is a pain sometimes, we do find that it’s a good thing to get back into the habit of recycling, sorting, and generally thinking about our garbage.  In Colorado this summer, we both could be seen twitching as we threw literally everything into the same trash can.  No rinsing, no recycling, no nothing.

Simply because we have to pay more attention to our garbage, I catch myself doing other things that are more responsible and sustainable for life in Tokyo and these days, on Planet Earth.  For example, just today I reused my Ziploc bags for my lunch, reused the larger bag for carrying the reused smaller bags (from a trip to the Apple store last spring), and spoke with my students about the kinds of snacks they can bring and the containers they should use to transport them. At the store, I packed my groceries directly into my backpack rather than into an unnecessary and wasteful plastic bag.

Summer was rejuvenating and some much-needed time with family and friends, but coming back to Tokyo has also been the same for me.  I am trying to be a much more focused teacher, husband and…Earth-dweller.



  1. Way to go, Brad and Rachael! You are good role models. Good blog! How was your first week at school? Love, M

    • Mary! I was hoping you’d read this one.

      Our habits always improve dramatically when we’re: a.) around Mary Blanchard, b.) living in Mary Blachard’s house, or c.) living in Tokyo.

      So thank YOU for being the great role model for so many of us. First week of school blog coming soon!


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