Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | August 31, 2009

‘Typhoon Cycling’ Ain’t for Sissies

Crazy typhoon weather in Japan

Crazy typhoon weather in Japan

If you’ve ever seen the sky before a tornado comes, it turns an eerie greyish-green before the storm comes.  Right now, the clouds are a bizarre color of deep purple, and not because there’s a beautiful sunset or anything like that.

Today, a TYPHOON is making it’s way through Tokyo!

Somehow, last year we missed out on having any typhoons (one close call right when we arrived).  At our school, we’re ready for these storms: every classroom has a phone chain for passing around the message that its too dangerous to come to school and it will be canceled for the day.

Apparently, since the typhoon wasn’t going to hit until later on in the afternoon, we didn’t have a “Typhoon Day” without school, but rather all were dismissed promptly at 3:30pm to go home before it got too bad.  That was a good thing because we barely made it home in the intense wind and rain this afternoon.  At one point, we were pedaling as hard as we could into the wind and were barely moving at all.  When we finally got home, we recorded this short bit:

I hear that Tokyo is gunning to be the 2016 Olympic site, and I have an idea for a sweet new extreme sport.  Typhoon cycling.

Bring on the rain



  1. Laughing profusely… You guys are so badass!

  2. Oh, the things you do !!!

  3. Yeah, this was a fun one. Rachel…I think that’s the first time we’ve ever been told that. We have been feeling that way lately, especially when we wear our sweet leather jackets when we ride our Harleys. Oh wait…

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