Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | September 9, 2009

Awesome Discovery

I’ve written about Japanese super toilets twice now:

But I never saw this one coming…

We have a Japanese SUPER BATHTUB!

The funniest part of this discovery is that it happened last week…after months of living in this apartment!   Now we all know that the Japanese love bathing, cleanliness and bathroom technology, and this is just the latest in our ongoing fascination with these various suped-up home furnishings. In the part of the bathroom with the shower/tub there was an electronic panel on the wall, but we assumed it had to do with the water heater, much like a similar panel does in the kitchen/living room.  But, just for kicks one night last week, I started pushing buttons.

Bathtub panel

When the panel lit up, there was a small picture of a half of a tub, with graduated lines going up the side.  As I pushed one of the 17 buttons, the lines lit up going up, and another button brought the line back down.  Okay, so that had to do with water level…maybe…

Then, I pushed others and found I could adjust the temperature.  A quick Google search for a Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion told me to set the tub at around 40 degrees Celsius for a nice soaking temperature.

Finally, I hit a button that looked like a volume button and an automatic alarm was set…to tell me when the tub was finished filling itself!  For the next 15 or so minutes, the tub filled up to my exact specifications.

This was the first bath that I have taken in probably 10-15 years, and it was glorious.

Automatic Filler-thingy



  1. You are so spoiled!

  2. I agree!

  3. Brad, how did you fit in that bathtub?!
    My parents are remodeling their bathroom and I told them about the supertoilet coming to the U.S. They weren’t convinced. 🙂

    • Ha! The tub is actually pretty great. It’s really deep, so that even my shoulders are under water. It is a bit shorter than our western tubs, but not too bad.

      I guess we’ll have to start the grassroots movement for supertoilets to spur this incredibly necessary generational change to revolutionize th…

      Fair enough, I’m getting a little too excited.

  4. I agree, Japanese people have a deep abiding love for cleanliness, which I can’t say is a bad thing, since it’s not like the Plague ever had them running around saying Bring Out Your Dead! We do not have an SUPER BATHTUB, on the contrary, ours is un-super, pitch black and is like bathing in a cauldron. I don’t think Japan would approve.

    • Thanks for the comments- we are definitely wasabi prime blog lovers.

      Next time I get a chance, I’ll ask Japan about their approval of your cauldron. Have you ever tried making a nice stew in there? Now that would be an interesting food blog! (I think there was once a Seinfeld episode where Kramer made soup in his tub…)

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