Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | October 4, 2009

Lost in (Brad’s) Translation

At some point in 2009, seester-in-law Rebecca asked what my goals were for the next year or so.  My answers still remain: one is to get into grad school to work towards becoming a principal and the other is to become proficient in Japanese.  After a year of part-time study with my Japanese tutor (hourly meeting once a week), I’m actually starting to understand and communicate in Japanese.  With Spanish and Italian, I always felt comfortable learning to speak and write, but I’ve had a tougher time acquiring Japanese.


The four alphabets are tough enough (Romaji included), but the word order, inflection, and unrelated base words of this language make it just a bit more difficult than learning a romance language.  Here is my most recent homework for Shingo-san, my lovely and wonderful Japanese teacher (and adopted grandmother).  I used to dread going to class on Thursday afternoons, when I was at the most exhausted point in my teaching week and hadn’t done all my homework in time, but now I actually look forward to it and find myself going over the top each week with my homework.  Some of these mysterious dots are starting to connect, giving me at least the illusion that I am indeed learning to speak and write in Japanese.  My goal is to pass a proficiency test next fall, so now I have something to work towards with Shingo-san each week.


Enjoy this nerdy, but fun video.  Basically, Shingo-san had me write a diary entry for a day and read it aloud to her.  Once that was finished, I translated it into English and Spanish and put it all here on YouTube.  Much love from Tokyo.

Bradley (Bradley)

Here’s the text that I wrote…in case you want to read along.  🙂




  1. Awesome video Brad! What a beneficial talent to have the capacity for numerous languages! And your creativity never ceases to amaze (or is it amuse?) me! 🙂

    • Rachael says the same thing, but studying for hours a week probably doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

      Love that you enjoy the video(s). If I actually nail down this god-forsaken language, you’ll be the first to know.

  2. I love your blog!
    Thats great video
    also get idea to make my blog from English!
    (Mou sukoshi Eigono benkyou simasu..)
    I will forward this to my clients!

    • Thank you Daisuke! Good luck with your blog. My wife has a beautiful food blog too (if you didn’t know already):

      Happy cooking!

  3. Hey Brad,
    Talley from houseboat eats here. That video is hilarious… amazing old school japanese rendition. and I’m impressed by your “multilingualness” (how do you say that in japanese?)

    • Watching this again makes me realize how I actually need to find a mid-range between the two to blend in a little better. And good question…I have no idea how to say that whatsoever. Thanks for stopping by.

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