Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | November 1, 2009

Better than a New Year’s Resolution

The last several weeks have been a pretty intense time of focus and self-reflection. I’ve been busily researching, contacting, and applying to graduate school programs so that I can take the next step toward becoming an elementary school principal when we return to the U.S.

For one of my applications, I had to write a “statement of purpose.” Not only do I have to prove that I have the chops for their challenging program, but I also must understand why on earth I’m doing the program in the first place and explain it well enough to convince the admissions committee it’s the right decision; for them, and for me.

As someone who has big dreams of changing the world through education, I actually had a really difficult time putting down all my ideas and passions into a single statement of purpose. Having to distill all those thoughts and experiences that have led me to seek a graduate program for educational administration was a pretty complex task. After several outlines and thinking-out-loud sessions with a very patient and supportive Rachael, I nailed it.

Though I haven’t gotten in (or been denied) to the program yet, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment in just being able to succinctly define my “purpose,” not only for the program, but for my life in general. The process made me dig deep to identify my goals clearly, analyze my motivation to reach those goals, and write down exactly why I’m halfway across the world and trying to go back to school. So, I’ve decided that we should all have to do this every once in a while.

Maybe an annual statement of purpose would help us align our dreams, goals, frustrations, convictions, and motivations enough to give some much-needed definition to life’s hectic pace and the unexpected curveballs that life throws at us.

What’s your purpose?
Where are you going?
Why are you going there?
Are you sure that’s where you should be going?
Are you doing everything you can to get there?
Are you being true to yourself, those you love, and the beliefs that matter most to you?

It’s a doozie, but well worth the effort. Give it a shot…



  1. Hey thank you for taking part in the competition,

    I left you a comment on my blog so be sure to check it out 😀

    Thank you,

    Dreamy Travels Team

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