Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | November 9, 2009

Crazy Happenings in Kawasaki

Last night was a strange one.


As another scrumptious dinner was cooking away, we started to hear the sound of a helicopter getting quite loud outside our window. When we stepped out to see what was going on, we saw police vehicles patrolling the bank of the river, divers in the river, and two helicopters searching up and down the river. No, this is not something we see often here in Kawasaki, Japan.


As you can see, I was not the only person checking out all the hubub.



This helicopter hovered between 50-100 meters about our apartment for a little while. As a kid, I had an entire notebook full of helicopter drawings…this was exciting stuff for Bradley-san.



After well over an hour of circling with floodlights, the helicopters retreated and the police along the river drove off.  It turns out that there’s a horrible gang of pillaging river pirates that prey upon gaijin living next to the river in Kawasaki.

Just kidding.  🙂  Dear Mom, Japan is still incredibly safe and there are no river pirates (that we’re aware of).

We have no idea what happened and no real way to find out since we can’t really watch the news. So, an interesting night with a mysterious ending. Thank you Japan.




  1. Do you ever pick up the english newspaper? I saw it at bus stops and bookstores and even being read on the train at times but never noticed what it was called.

    I really deeply wanted to believe that pirate comment. Darn.

    • Yeah, I read the Japan Times online and have started reading the other English paper, the Daily Yomiuri, since Rachael wrote that recipe for them.

      The pirate comment was just for you Miss Rebecca, so I’m glad it at least got you for a moment.

  2. You do realize your mother is eventually going to get you for that! lol

    • I hope so. I hope it makes our mom(s) so mad they have to come all the way here to “get us for that!” 🙂

  3. NOT FUNNY! I was reading this outloud to Dad and when I got to the “good” part, Dad actually smiled!!! I was actually upset “imagine that”…..and then I read “just kidding”…..ha ha…very funny. Dad knew it was a joke immediately. Guess that’s the Iowa in me…..believing too much! My heart is just now calming down.

    • HAHA! Oh Mom.

      I hear the Norwegian-American eating bobcats on South Table Mesa are especially bad this year.

      And I love you very much BECAUSE of your gullible Iowa-ness. 🙂

  4. Actually, the Italian black bears are worse!! BUT, maybe the most challenging of all is a wild, mad, Irish dog!

    Glad you find humor in how gullible I am….and I admit I am gullible; after all, I married Bob White! Ohhhhhhhhhh

    Love you very much, toooooooo!


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