Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | November 12, 2009

Recent fun

This last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a friend of a friend from France who currently lives in Norway but is traveling for a few weeks in Japan and East Asia…whew!  That was a mouthful.

May I introduce, Melanie, lover of all things Japan.  It was super fun hosting her for a week or so, and we look forward to visiting her in Norway & France for sure.


And just because it’s a fantastically ridiculous photo, here’s our Halloween party group shot.  We all dressed up as various characters you might see in Tokyo.  Rachael was a Shibuya girl (fake eyelashes even) and I was a five year-old Japanese schoolboy.  Sorry about showing a little leg…




  1. haha- oh dear. That Halloween photo is too funny! What a crazy October/November we have had so far!! When are we going to France? Soon? Please?! 🙂

  2. Well, at least you have nice legs, Brad…..spoken like a true mom.

  3. haha — what a fun party! I love that this probably isn’t an exaggeration over the colorful personalities on the busy streets of Tokyo. By the way, thanks for leaving that nice comment on the blog — you guys were at Thanksgiving in the form of a pear tart! I can’t take credit for any of those pics, as they were all done by nice friends with very nice DSLR cameras — Canon, I think. I have to take all my pics in the south-facing laundry room or our well-lit bathroom, using a very old point-and-shoot. Hoping Santa will upgrade it!

  4. Well now that I’ll have time to read your blogs, you’re going to be a slacker. PLEASE continue to write just a few words and post photos…please, please? Love, Maa

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