Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | December 30, 2009

Interesting tidbits

1.) After realizing late last night that we forgot to pick up milk, essential for our morning latte routine, I just walked to the local convenience store to pick up a liter of milk.  I grabbed a five-dollar (500 yen) coin, threw on a sweatshirt, and walked over in my pajamas.  One of our favorite price comparisons showing the high cost of food here is the cost of milk.  A liter costs between 250 and 300 yen.  That puts the price per gallon at between $9.45- $11.34!  Ay caramba.  As I checked out at the “combini” (convenience store), I found it pretty hilarious that the clerk put a tall straw in my bag with the milk.  I mean, who wouldn’t need a straw for enjoying their morning liter of (whole) milk?

2.) We are doing all we can to make sure that the Whites will be a trio next year and not just a duo.  No, no, not planning on a baby yet, but we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of our pup, Callie. 🙂

Our sweet Callie

Dogs are now commonplace in Japan (developed significantly in the last fifteen years) and we moved to our current apartment because it’s a great dog-friendly building right next to tons of open space and natural areas.  We’ve located dog food, groomers, pet-friendly rides to/from the airport, and a few local veterinarians.  However, one of my only worries about bringing Callie is her accident-prone nature.  She’s had a handful of Animal-911 style visits to the vet, and it was always easy to put her in the backseat and drive her straight to the vet.  Now, without a car, I was a little worried about what to do if she had an emergency.  I can certainly carry her the 10 minute walk to the vet, but that could be problematic with an injury of some sort.  Check this out…

After getting a hint about this place from our friends Jeff & Kimiko Nicholson, who have a dog in our neighborhood (that’s “Buddy” in the photo to the left), I had a great find this morning.  Milk and straw in hand, I walked about 30 meters past the convenience store and learned that Japan’s top animal-medical facility is less than 150 meters from our front door.  Perusing their website, I saw photos of many people I recognize from my daily bike ride to school.  I constantly wonder where they are all going.  It turns out they are some of the top animal doctors in the country.  So, not so worried about that issue anymore.  Bring on Callie!

Links to their website:

This first large-scale animal medical center in Japan has facilities compatible with those used in ordinary large hospitals for humans. (the woman in the green turtleneck is someone I ride past every morning)

Rachael and Mom with their "girls"


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