Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | January 1, 2010

Christmas Craziness in Tokyo, 2009

For our one (and only, hopefully) Christmas away from home and family, we decided to make the best of it by searching for Christmas tradtiions here in Tokyo and also making sure to continue many of our own.

We bought new ornaments for our Charlie Brown 2.0 Tree, ones that I hope we’ll keep for a very long time to be able to remember what it was like to spend Christmas in Japan.  We made, decorated, and gifted Christmas cookies.  We went out looking for Christmas lights, although not in a car in our neighborhood, but by train to the other side of the city.

All in all, Christmas was excellent.  We attended a gorgeous candlelight service in which the pastor challenged us to accept that our world is a very messy place that is in constant need of “light.”  He encouraged us to not lose hope in the “mess” and to do our best to shine a compassionate light where it is needed most.  After that, we sang Silent Night in English and Japanese, which was moving enough for one of us to get choked up (who may or may not have been a bearded emotional wreck).  In the morning, we opened gifts from family and each other and spent the rest of the day creating and enjoying incredible food courtesy of Tokyo Terrace.

Good times.

Here are some photos and videos from our Christmastime in Tokyo.  Please leave questions/comments if you have any.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  (New Year’s post coming very soon).

(No idea what this Christmas display is all about)

Having fun exchanging a gift in trendy Omotesando

Buying some treats in Omotesando

An artsy Christmas Tree exhibit

Real snow, trucked in from the mountains to Tokyo

Our Christmas door decoration

Christmas in Japan was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will both treasure for many years.  It wasn’t quite the same as usual, and was certainly quite difficult to be so far from those we love, but it was a great opportunity for which we are deeply grateful.

Merry Christmas 2009!



  1. Merry Christmas! I agree with you that this should be the only Xmas there. Can’t wait for the camping trip. Happy new years.

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