Posted by: thewhitesintokyo | February 18, 2010

My super bike

Adding some bells and whistles

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking my super-bike in for repairs.  But this purple beauty has been pretty good to me, so here’s a little photo update on the awesomeness that is my current Tokyo commuter bicycle.

This bike began as a generous gift from a parent at our school, and it has been transformed into my lifeline for shopping, work, and even a good workout.  As you’ll see, my parents had fun “pimping my ride” for Christmas, so here’s my bike from start to finish.

Check out the saddlebags (closed)

Yep, saddlebags that detach to become eco-friendly shopping bags

Rear light (burn-your-eyes-out red blinker)

Yep, a rear-view mirror

Uber-bright mini headlight

My (Warning: Brad's coming) bell

Yes, a solid lock. This bike won't be stolen again...

Mini-mud flaps

Bungee cords for boxes, umbrellas, or just about anything

Bringing sexy back. 80s wrist-slapper converted to a pants-saver.



  1. I just showed dad the picture of the saddlebags and he got a big grin on his face. AND of course, he loves seeing all those little “pimp” gadgets on there as well. I was especially pleased to see that you have the warning bell, so at least the little old ladies can get out of your way! It gives them a “fighten” chance.

    Those little mud flaps remind me of turkey tail feathers, when they’re fanning and strutting their stuff. Is that what you’re doing when riding your super bike? We all know you ARE Super Man.

    Don’t load up those saddlebags too much, otherwise you’ll be weaving all over the road. Looks like they will hold a lot of groceries, etc.

    Glad you use that great bike lock, because if you didn’t, that rare gem of a bike would disappear for sure. You should show the parent that gave you the bike what it looks like today.

    Keep riding!

    Love ya,

  2. These saddle bags are brilliant.

    Now all you need is this product
    that lets you attach an umbrella to your bike so you can ride in rain without getting wet! (I know, this isn’t very manly 🙂

  3. Intense! I can’t believe you have to register your bike to use it! Hopefully that would help with theft, though!
    Thanks for sharing your blog with me in the Barbershop in good ol’ MN, USA yesterday! I shared it with my Marine brother, Jason, (stationed in Iwakuni) and he is pumped to read about your experiences as well!

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